M911 C-HET trailer question

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I have a question regarding the trailer options for the M911 C-HET. Hobby Boss offers one with M747 trailer and another with Talbert 64T trailer. Which is more common of the both, or is it depending on the time frame?

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Depends on timeframe.

The M747 trailer was originally issued/used w/the M911 C-HET in the early 1970s. The 64 ton Talbot was used during Operation Desert Shield/Storm ('90-'91). The M747 did not have the load capacity (60 ton) to carry the current M1A1 tanks (68 ton). The Talbott wasn’t much better as it was still underrated at 64 tons, but it worked a little better. Both types were still used in ODS though.

The growing weight of the Abrams is what lead to the development of the fully capable M1070 HETS. The current M1070A1 HETS has a load rating of 80 tons.

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Thanks HeavyArty!

So the combination M911+M747 is very suitable for a 70/80´s load with an M60.



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How about this one?

An M911 C-HET, pulling a Chieftain ARV (I think).

Or this dandy. An M911 C-HET pulling an M109A3 Howitzer. Both painted in Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff’s Office markings, from back in the Joe Arpaio days.