M915 5th Wheel Recovery Tractor

My intent is to build primarily from the box. Since there will be no trailer attached the rear of the tractor is open and fairly visible.

I would like to add some detail to the interior of the frame rails and running gear. My current reference is Tankograd 3033 which has good general exterior shots but little detail. I can only see the thumbnails on the Prime Portal site and my old eyes just cannot pick out what I want to see detail wise.

Can any one point me to some other sources or have a detailed walk around I can acquire?



Here are a few walkarounds from surplus sales. These are usually pretty good and show undercarriage and frame details to show how much rust (or lack of) the vehicle has.

AM GENERAL M915A1 SEMI TRACTOR TRUCK 6X4 - Midwest Military Equipment

1983 Am General M915A1 semi truck in North Kansas City, MO | Item AN9463 sold | Purple Wave

2005 REBUILD AM GENERAL M915A1 SEMI TRACTOR TRUCK 6X4 in Washington, Missouri, United States (IronPlanet Item #3143167)

Surplus 1984 AM General M915A1 6x4 Tractor Truck in Lansing, Michigan, United States (GovPlanet Item #539787)


Thanks Gino. Hadn’t thought of that.


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Started to trim plastic trim plastic today and put together some sub-assemblies for the frame.

There is no engine detail and I do not intend to add much. After listening to Mike @165thspc go on however I decided to carve out the flat plate and I will build some basic representative shapes to fill in under the hood.

I temporarily assembled the frame w/tape and tacky glue.

For me the next step is to prepare a set of drawings to build the Holmes FW-20 wrecker.

Luckily my wife currently has unused studio space for me to use while drafting.

Until the next time, thanks for stopping by and take care.


I made one of these back in the 80’s using the Alaskan hauler for the base kit… Wish I had photos of the finished build. Good luck with your project!

Hi Tim, I got email notification of your response. But here I don’t see it… Anyways, it wasn’t mine.

Finally figured that out so deleted post.

All good sir. Look forward to seeing your build progress.

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Looks like it is off to a good start. I’m looking forward to how you handle the engine. On my M920 build, I left the lower part as-is and added a block and other items from above.

Some references I gathered for the M915/M920 engine.

Here is my rendition of it. I had a in-line 6 block from an old civilian truck engine. It looked very close to the Cummings 400, but needed some things deleted and some added. I modeled the right side of the engine since it has more stuff on it (turbo, air cleaner, radiator hose, etc.). The left side is pretty bare. I scavenged the turbo, air cleaner, and fan from a HEMTT. The other parts are scratch from styrene rod, sheet, and tubing (heated and bent to shape). I opened the right side engine access panel as well.

Of course, I forgot to take any pics before adding the hood.


Thanks Gino. I probably will not go to that much effort on this build. The hood will not open on this so I’ll add some basis shapes to fill out the space. Now when I build the Miniman M916 kit it will be a different story and I will save the references since you were kind enough to do the work.