M931 + m1062

trailer wheels outfit (more or less…)


I added the ladder on the bottom of the tanker


Coming along nicely. Can’t wait to see some paint on it.

I added the support for the spare wheel.( very very complicated!)
I’m not fully satisfied, but i think is accettable


Looks great. I must confess, I scratched mine out of square rod. Basic but it does the job.

Question for super expert:
Can I apply Hardox plate on the tractor doors and " TANKER BALLISTIC PROTECTION SYSTEM (TBPS/AOA/FTSS)" on tanker? are they contemporary ?

You know when a detail, an almost insignificant detail, is fitted wrong? Like a fender that no one would look at because it is topped by a 4500-gallon tank. Yet there it is looking at you… you are aware that to reposition it would have to disintegrate the whole tractor, since cables and tanks and accessories are glued together with spit, so you pretend to ignore it and devote yourself to another part of the project… but the fender is there and seems to be saying to you, "Why don’t you put me in the correct position? So you pretend to ignore it, start another project, and while you’re thinking about how to place decals on a Venezuelan armored car you find yourself with a cutter taking months of work apart to reposition a damn fender…

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Yup, I have done the same and will almost always end up fixing the offending part. The life of an AMS modeler.

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fender rilocated ad some particulars are fixed


it’s time to start the compressor:
this is my idea of paint scheme; do you have a different suggestion?

Looks like a good option to me.

good option!
can you share with me the color code?

The cab is NATO green, field drab, and flat black. The trailer is from a rattle can of Krylon satin ivory.

Looks great keep up the good work.


primer applied !

Looking great! Three generations of tractor, all towing an M1062 trailer on this site.

Love it!

an additional sand job needed to finish correctly the tank

I decde to change the ragiator grill… (poor boy)

grill changed
I’ve to manufacture the frontal glass


Looks good. A bridge plate will look nice on there.