M931 + m1062

Hello everyone
once again your posts have been an inspiration for one of my creations. (I need to look less at this site…)
let’s start with the tank:

Looks like there’s something missing in your post … :roll_eyes:


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the tank

Looks like they are both coming along well.

seats from Mutt

Some detail addicted


Brake system (from old m551) and wiring glued

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tank wheel, from standard m923 rim and duplicate resin tire (somewhat enlarged from the one proposed by Realmodel, which made a thin version…)

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brake drums from t-70

Nice job on the tank.


it’s…two half tank from Monogram/ Revell to save te front-bottom wall

rear layout it’s quite complete

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Exaust protection from leopard 2 air intake mesh

exaust layout

Looking nice so far. Small world, I’m putting the new wheels on my M1062 this morning. I’d like to build an M818 towing the redone Real Model tanker one day.

Is the front axle on an airlift system? I only ask because my (identical) kit was a little high on the front axle until I modified / corrected the type of wheel I’d fitted. The sub frame wasn’t seated properly first time out.

hi Denimo
to correct the height of the trailer, I used the fifth wheel of the tractor as a reference.
I did not touch the rear axle but detached the front axle and adjusted it via two threaded screws in the tank

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new wheels are coming!

Looking Great…like all the work you have done so far.