M931 Quick conversion complete

Hello again,
Wanted to share this quick conversion.
M931 USN Seebee.

Kit is the ILK M923A2 using bits from the Real Models M931 conversion, and rear wheels from DEF models.

From the Real Model conversion Fuel tanks, storage box, ramps, and 5th wheel, and tail light assembly. I did replace the RM stop light with the kit lights so that they matched the front lights. Everything elese was built up with evergreen stock.

Paint was medium green overall with the soft top faded OD green. Pin washed with a few filters and rust wash.

I had started this conversion with the Italeri kit. I had the ILK kit in the stash and decided to use it after messing up the initial frame cuts.

Please excuse the cell phone photos.

anks for looking


Looks good. I have the I :hearts: Kit M923 and plan to mate it with the Real Model M936 wrecker kit. I also have a second I :hearts: Kit M925 I plan on mating w/the Real Model M930 Dump Truck kit.

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The M936 look pretty cool. Im not to familiar with the transportation vehicles.

I just picked up another ILK M923A2. Im going to build it as a gun truck. Or quite possibly add the up armor kit i scratched for an Italeri kit a couple years back.


Both are really nice Jose. Great work man!

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Oh! I like that.

There’s a great story on how we (US military) built up the modernized Gun Truck for use in Iraq.

it involves the last surviving Vietnam era M54 Gun Truck. “Eve of Destruction”.

How this old gal was pulled out of the US Army’s Transportation Museum at Ft. Eustis, Va. (the base from where I deployed to Iraq in 2003) and the US Army researched and figured out how to put 21st century armor technology using 1960s know-how.

eventually creating a factory armored cab upgrade to the old 5-ton, and eventually ading the armored bed and weapon mounts, known as “Hunter Boxes”.

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Where did you find Seebee decals for the doors ? Thanks

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Nice conversion. Spelling is, Seabees in the stencil. Should be anyway :grinning:

Maybe from, Echelon Fine Details (EC D356257)

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Well? Don’t be so hard. Technically, the US Naval Construction Battalion (CB), sounds like See-Bee.

This is what the logo looks like up close.


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Need Seabees decals?


Thank you

Yup, they used to do them at LSA Anaconda. My unit was on the west side. We used to see them being worked on when we would go over to the Air Force camp.

Yes, i was coping this truck.

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