M977 hemtt

Hello all, Its been a while since I last logged in and I have to create a new log in since the old forum. Anyways, here is my little completed model of the M977. Thanks for dropping by and hope you guys enjoy this.


Some more detail pictures.


Is that 1/72 or is it a smaller scale?

Hi Robin, Its a 1/72 Academy M977.

Welcome back. The build looks great.

Thanks Tank. I was active here from 2006 (r2D2) until around 2012 and have not posted much since. I was surprise to see a new website but its all good.

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Cool little build!

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Thanks Ken!

Really good build and weathering. I was wondering what you used to detail the Italeri truck, then scrolled down to see the hand next to the truck! 1/72?? Great work!

Amazing stuff right there mate. Great work!

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Hi m75, Thanks!

Yes its in 1/72.

Welcome back. Absolutely stunning work, outstanding detail for that scale. Weathering is excellent. Really beautiful piece.

Awesome Micromachine! Thought it was 1/35th until the giant hand appeared. :wink:


Fantastic build and details with a really first class paint and weathering finish …Like others I wasnt sure what scale it was and thought it was bigger than braille scale :+1: :+1:

Hi SSGToms, Thanks so much! Yes glad to be back and start sharing my work again.

Thanks Armoured Sprue happy you like the build and my gigantic hand. LOL!

PiotrK and James (kunjuro) Thanks! James you have seen this already, regards!


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Nice and thanks Johnny! wanted to give a surprise as we are all used to the 1/35th scale thought it would be fun to reveal the scale at the end.


No fair using a 2:1 scale hand! Seriously nice job tho…


This is fantastic quality and in that scale… unbelievable…

Nice model.