M978 Hemtt

In the absence of matte varnish to unify colors. Italeri model of a very low quality, lacking in details and with complicated fittings. Use eduard photoetches and panzer art wheels, apart from various equipment from the scrap drawer. I hope you like it and do not hesitate to criticize.


Looks really good Raul. You have done a great job with it. Love the final finsh and weathering.

Love it. Definitely looks like it has seen its share of action.

Excellent job, Raul!

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It looks pretty good.

A couple things I see though. You have the rear “bumper” upside down. The tow hook should be on the bottom.

Also, is the tank part camo? The multi-colored decals should only be on a camo tank. Solid green and/or sand tanks would have the all black “Flammable…” decals.

Looks good. Is the razor wire mounted to the front from a PE set?

Thank you very much to all for your comments. Gino, the bumper isn’t upside down, it’s the headlights that are upside down. When I realized the mistake it was too late to take them off. The tank’s paint is a forest green. In relation to the barbed wire, it is photogravure by Eduard. Easy to find and easier to work with to give it a dirty look

The whole piece is upside down. The three lights across the bottom should be on top and the square part sticking up should go down with the tow pintle being low on the bumper.

Gino, you’re right, sorry. The whole bumper is upside down. In my defense statement I will say that Italeri’s instructions are like finding a treasure

I really like vehicles with mismatched camouflage colors due to parts replacement, upgrades and service.

Very nice work on the paint!

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Coincido contigo. Esos cambios hacen al vehículo más interesante. Ademas que cuantos mas colores añadas al modelo, mas variedad cromática y más vistoso

Forgiveness. The subconscious betrayed me and I wrote in Spanish. It’s the thing to have my goddaughter from Michigan at home. I don’t know when I speak Spanish or English anymore

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