M984 Wrecker Question

I’m going to do HEMTT M984 wrecker with armored cab in Iraq and put some vehicle on rear retrieval system ( capacity 11340kg ). Is it possible to cary this way a Iraqi army Pantsir S1 ?
I ask becouse I can’t find anywhere a weight of Pantsir S1 on Kamaz.
Thank You for help
Chris from Poland

It should be able to tow it without issue. I am not sure of the weight, but it cannot weigh more than an M1070 HETS.

Or a Caiman (?) MRAP

KamAZ 6560 truck weights 38 tons.

The truck itself only weights 9.5 tons. The 38 tons is a max loaded weight.


Hillbilly armor too?

Lots of green you can put on it:

If you need more let me know. You could model s specific vehicle there.

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I have personally towed the Buffalo with my 984 while in Afghanistan and that is one heavy B*****.