Machine gun mount on BTR-50?

With my BTR-50 PU making good progress. I plan for the next build. It will be a BTR-50 PK
with interior. On the BTR-50 the 7,62 mm Goryunov machine gun can only be mounted with the roof hatches open. But I don´t found any pics how the machine gun is installed.

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Hermann, I can help you here - or at least up to a point. I raised this some years ago when I first got my own BTR-50. After a fair bit of discussion (and it’s probably still on the site somewhere) it appears that the MG is pintle-mounted within the fighting compartment. I kept the images (provided by a very helpful Kitmaker member):

BTR-50PK (3)

I then experimented on my own (incomplete) model and found it still quite a tight option; I wasn’t even sure that it could be operated as such but there must have been a way!

Anyway, hopefully mystery solved and that this helps.


Hi Brian,
exactly what I looked for! The mount attached to the braces in the fighting compartment. BTW the lower pics shows a NVA vehicle, as can be judged form the convoy rear light. Thanks a lot.

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My pleasure!

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