Magach 3 from M48A2C

Looks really nice, I believe your photos do not do it justice, the one from the Nationals is way better.

Do you plan on working on this any more?


Wow, I agree. My photos are never particularly good though. And yes, I have an orange air recognition panel ready for it, and I need to do some work on the tow shackles. I also dusted it with gray pastel powder the night before I entered, but I still think it’s too “yellow”.
BTW, the Challenger in the background is mine too, I’m told it placed. I had to leave early Saturday but friends told me it got a third, I think.


I love your builds.I have many older kits like Esci m60s and rather then trash for newer kits i like to do good old fashioned modelling and kit bashing rather than loads of Photo etch.My philosphy is why pay a fortune for all the newer kits to be made a hash of by less compitent modellers like myself.Its great to get plastic card etc and super detail kits and mic and match kits etc.
Happy modelling and keep doing your inspiring builds.

Thanks! I really enjoy the scratch work myself, and the older kits are usually less expensive than the new stuff too, so if I foul up, it’s not the end of the world.


It looks great finished as always.




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