Magic Factory After-Sales Service

Long story short, Magic Factory has an After-Sales Service and sells individual sprues. The whole story below.

I recently received the Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA Ukraine kit (#2007), which looks great. You can see more on it here:

While going through the kit, I noticed that it looks almost identical to the Meng Bradley kits in parts breakdown, size, placements, etc. I compared some parts and they look the same or very close. In my opinion, they either copied the Meng kit, or used it as a base, etc. So, based on the above, the Magic Factory parts look like they will fit the Meng kit as well.

I also saw an in-box video review (in above link) by Andy’s Hobby HQ that shows all the parts in the Magic Factory 3-in-1 Bradley M2A3 IFV / M2A4 IFV / M-SHORAD ADA Bradley kit (#2004). It shows that all the M2A4-specific parts are on one sprue, B sprue (below), that is not included in the M2A2 ODS-SA kit.

I went to their webpage and they have an After-Sales Service (scroll down the page).


I sent them an email to see if Magic Factory sells individual sprues. I had a very nice return email the next morning and they do. I was able to order the B sprue above for a total of $12 USD shipped. We will see how long it takes to get it.

I plan on using the M2A4 parts on a Meng kit I already have to make an up to date Bradley, with added T-161 tracks.


Hope it’s faster for you than HK Models. I have a 1/32 B-17G that was missing a part contacted them twice so far, once in April last year and again in October. Both times they said the part was on the way, last one even had a tracking number which was good right up until it departed China. Still no part almost a year later.

I have not had any problems ordering parts or kits from China. It usually takes about two weeks to get stuff from the far East. I’ll let everyone know when it arrives.

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Got the package from Magic Factory today. I figured no too bad; 20 days from China. Then I opened the box. It is not what I ordered. I apparently was sent a couple sprues from their new Corsair kit.

I have emailed them telling of the problem and requesting the parts I paid for. We’ll see how they respond.


I got the proper sprue today in the mail. It only took about 2 1/2 weeks since it was shipped after the company got back from the Chinese New Year holiday. Pretty good service overall, even with the mix-up.