Magic Factory M2A4 IFV Bradley

Looking great

Are the PE lower side panels aftermarket? The M2A2 ODS-SA doesn’t have them, it has plastic ones.

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Yes after market ETMODELS


Is everything in this kit to make a US M2A2

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Good Morning.

Nice built! I ordered both kits btw.
Just a question about the rear ramp. The rear door is with the firing port and the ramp firing port is closed, I marked it in the pic.

So, it’s a mistake from magic factory or did you mix it up?
I guess you can build different versions like the Cavalry Bradley or BFIST?


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I will have to look at it again.

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Not in the M2A4 IFV 3-in-1 kit. You want the M2A2 ODS-SA Ukraine kit to backdate into a US M2A2. It has all the parts to do so, minus T157I tracks and sprockets.

See here:

Good catch. Yes, it looks like you may have used the A sprue parts for the rear ramp, which is for the M2A3.

EDIT - You are still OK. This M2A4 still has the port on the door and plate on the ramp.


After looking at the instructions this is what it tells you to do, 1 open 1 closed.


Fixed my front lights!had them reversed.


Imagine the A4 Bradley in the new 2 tone green scheme used on the SEP v.3 Abrams

I haven’t seen any M2A4’s in the new 2-tone green. That scheme doesn’t really do anything for me anyways. I prefer NATO camo or sand.

Is the A4 in service?

Pardon my ignorance, but whats the difference between A3 and A4 Bradley?

Im not sure but i think its all internal to bring the A4 back to a performance levels the first production M2 Bradoley had Gino may be able to answer that better

The A4 version of the Bradley has been pretty widely fielded by now. Most changes are internal to the engine and suspension. There are a few external differences, outlined in the below post.

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Gino, thanks for the clarification.
But why? Okay, I won’t ask about the deeper meaning.

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My guess is that they upgraded/rebuilt earlier hulls and didn’t bother to change the rear ramp. It doesn’t really make a difference either way really. The rear ramp is pretty stout.

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Last little update for this weekend.


Looking great.


That was my assumption too.

@Edward_Krott The Bradley looks good!

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Was able to get some work in today, just about finished with this side.