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Magic Factory announces two sets of NATO Individual Weapons at 1/35

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Are these poly-styrene, 3D printed or cast resin? Anyone know?
They look great.

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I would assume that they’re plastic. My main concern is the scale. Gecko’s 1/35 “Modern US Weapon Set” appears too small and simple in details for the size compared to 1/35 DML guns, but that can be an illusion.

Sprue shots of each set. They look pretty nice and are in plastic.

Set A

Set B


Indeed, they look pretty neat and with a minimum of parts to assemble. I’m looking forward to these hitting the market.

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Now the question is how many sprues come in each set? I would hope at least two per, but we will see.


Nice. Specially with the rocket launchers. the FGM-148 Javelin will fit very nicely into anything from Iraq to Ukraine. The HK416 could pass as a USMC M27 IAR. The SMAW is a very underrepresented weapon system in 1/35 form, same goes with the M3 RAAW, but that’s because is a somewhat newer weapon system.

I like the updated M249 and M240L. This little set is really good and i look forward to seeing it in stores.

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Yes, that’s what the kit says…two weapons each.

I compared the GECKO “Modern US Weapons Set” to DML’s “Modern Machine Gun Set” and the length and height of the two M60E3s compare and scale well; however, the GECKO set has the handgrips for the M60E3 set further back and the barrel is thinner. I still somewhat prefer the DML MG set as it looks beefier than the GECKO set. The handgrips for the GECKO M60E3 are also smaller.

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These are now available on eBay and at Asian suppliers.


I received both 1/35 sets today and they look marvelous. One gets two duplicate weapons sets per box.

I didn’t open the inner bags as the parts are surrounded by translucent bubblewrap; however, looking at the weapons, I can see that there is no flash, the parts are straight and true, and the scale appears proportional.