Making aluminum foil body panels

Don’t know when or why I would ever need this …
still fascinating though


Fascinating indeed Robin - thanks for posting .
I am assuming the builder scanned a real truck and 3D printed and/or CNC machined the structure and dies .

Now that’s insane.

More options than diecast. Just imagine the heavy weathering or wrecks you could create!
This technology would be awesome for aircraft wrecks as well.

Kinda off topic does anyone know what kinda foil he was using? I just bought a Corr-u-gator to make some tin roofing for my dioramas. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best foil to use with it. I was thinking the thickest foil I can find but maybe someone has ran across something better?

Aluminum owen foil??

Try the nice thick foil from disposable BBQ trays. Kitchen foil is way too thin to hold it’s shape.


That’s what I plan on using 1st. I just ordered the tool and it looks like the sent it around the world the wrong way before I will get it haha. I will try just normal aluminum foil but I also found some thin copper sheets at my local craft store that I might try too. In the video from them, they say they used lead foil. But I looked around and I would have to ordered it and it’s pretty pricey. I will update this once I receive the tool.

A few years ago I used the thicker grade used for baking trays, still very malleable but sturdy enough…



That’s a great idea. I was thinking of that metal tape they use on stove pipe installation it’s pretty stiff but the back would be sticky.

This lady has it down pat IMO The Book of Jenesis: episode 4 - Foiled Again! Aluminium Foil Finishing for Scale Models. - YouTube