Making an M48 from an M67?

I have Dragons M67. Can I make an M48A3 (not a Mod B) from the kit OOB? I know the mod B had the x’s stamped into the fenders and sponson boxes and the M67 does not have that feature.

Yes, if you replace the flame barrel with a standard 90mm barrel, and fix the flattened tops of the headlight guards, you will have an M48A3.

The barrel is on the same sprue as the turret halves, the headlight guards are on the J-sprue
Marked as unused parts on the M67 instructions

The M67 kit adds sprue L

The M48A3 were first in Vietnam (not Mod B) I saw a picture yesterday of B33 (from the decal sheet from the M48A3 Mod B) On the landing craft that delivered the first M48’s into Vietnam.
I have that decal sheet so… I am good to go. Thanks for everyone’s help.

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