Making barracuda camo

After reading several threads and comments on how to DIY (instead of buying) I thought of this idea…but you will need a 3D printer (I don’t have one). Design a circular cutter similar to a rivet maker. Instead of the wheel with teeth, a wheel with individual semi-circular cutters, that when wheeled along a straight line will cut a line of Barracuda semi-circles. Would this concept be do-able?
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Maybe….lots of math/trial and error to set the spoke angle correctly.

I would think a row or two of half cut metal tubes that would act as a punch would work faster/easier.

Curious to see what you do and the results.

Suspect it will depend on the material you’re trying to cut. Probably work well to sculpt a pattern in modelling clay or milliput.
A pattern with a slight wave might be better than perfectly straight?


I’ve started but not finished grinding dead spots in this Olfa pinking cutter based on the pattern in US cam nets. Cut a line of half circles and then flip over and cut the other side of the pattern. An improvement over my first attempt using a chisel blade bent into a half circle.

Hmmm…when I saw your solution I thought of these…
corrugated joint fasteners. I’ll have to see if the DIY store has them compatible with 1/72 scale.
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Please post dimensions when you have them!

I have somewhere one sheet of AFV Club Barracuda Camo, I can’t put my hands on it to give dimensions yet.

There is this ARKEBUZA Review on Armorama from 2012, and this Swedish Hobbysite (in English) Plastic how-to-make-realistic-barracuda-camouflage-netting-in-135 Dated 2007, which gives dimensions of 1.4mm ht & 2.5mm width of the individual 1/2 circles, with 2mm between each row for spacings.