Managing multiple airbrushes?

I have two and am about to get a third. Right now each of the ones I have has its own blowout pot and I just leave them sitting in those, but it kind uses precious painting table space and I’ve had a couple of bumping incidents. I don’t really want to see one go flying. Adding a third I imagine will exacerbate this issue. So, for those of you with multiple airbrushes - how do you manage?

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When I was still able to use an airbrush (compressor needs a tank transplant)
I always cleaned the airbrushes after each use and put them in a drawer under the work table.
At one time I had hangers for them on the tool “wall”.
I both cases they were cleaned and ready for long term storage, just in case it took some weeks before I could get back to painting …


I picked up one of those two sided stands w “j” hooks that are coated in rubber and hold the brushes. I also use quick disconnects for airline to make it easy to switch plus less tangle at the bench. The holder I got from Harbor Freight, nothing fancy at all.


I have 5 airbrushes. I store them on a foam mat in a drawer next to my bench. They all have quick connects so I only need one hose. I have the airbrush holder pictured above clamped to my bench just to my right. This makes filling the cups easy and keeps the airbrushes out of my way when temporarily not in use. When I’m done I flip the hose back under the bench, fully disassemble and clean the airbrush, and return it to the drawer. They never take up an inch of bench space and they’re always at hand’s reach.


Thanks everyone. A drawer for the painting table - I should have thought of that… I won’t be getting a new painting table but there is room alongside for a drawer stand. Looking for something cheap for that. That’s a sweet looking stand. I think I’ll see what I can find at Harbor Freight which is nearby first.

I don’t have extra airbrushes,but I felt the need to expand,so I purchased a second bench so that I could spend out,perhaps the same for your airbrush arsenal

That’s a sweet setup! Is that a poster of Akagi down there?

Your work light looks particularly sweet. What is that?

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Thanks,the Akagi poster is from the Hasegawa kit,and the light ijust an LED swing light I grabbed on Amazon

Battle stations!.. Twin Grex Tritium.TG Setup.

Airbrush Safety Rules

  1. Always treat the AB as if it is loaded.
  2. Never point the AB at anything you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to spray ‘n’ pray.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

Cheers! :dart:

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