Mapping - what is it?

title says it all. i have a Abteilung 502 set which is labeled “mapping”

i have no idea what that means!


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In short it means making certain effects on the painted surface with oils, the other name is Oil Paint Rendering. Here is an article by Michael Rinaldi with pictures:


Mapping is a techique that is used for making parts of the paintwork or the model more pronounced to the eye by highlighting or differentiating the shade with paint. You usually use round brushes with a “dabbing” motion. For example, if you want to pronounce a part of the white wash on a winter camo you can add some white oil paint so as to create an extra layer of white that stands out more than the rest of the camo. Or if you want to show a dirty area you use some earth tone oil color.

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I hope it is worth watching …


thanks for the reptiles and especially the YT video. pictures worth 1,000 squirts.

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