Marine Corp Task Force Grizzly

Evening all, I am wanting to do the 2 Humvees my buddy drove in Desert Storm. He was in Task Force Grizzly, so I was wondering if there were any unit specific markings. He doesn’t have any pics, but he said the one was the cargo carrier in green cammo and the other was a weapons carrier in sand with a 50 cal. Appreciate any help as he just moved into a new house and I want to make them a house warming present. Anyway, thanks in advance. Wayne

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Page 21 lists the units assigned to Task Force Grizzly. I think know the unit might help to track down photos of the time period.


So what would the camo scheme be for a diverted Hummer/

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This article has a lot of info on what Task Force Grizzly did, but not the markings of vehicles that were in it.

Here is the TF Grizzley Order of Battle that may make searching for markings easier.

1 Marine Expeditionary Force

US 1st Marine Division (Reinforced)

4th Marine Regiment (TF Grizzly)
2nd BN, 7th Marine Regiment
3rd BN, 7th Marine Regiment

Some generic USMC HMMWVs during ODS. As you can see, they didn’t have many markings. Most of the HMMWVs did have the Coalition inverted V (^) ID marking on their sides and rear. Also note, USMC HMMWVs have the extended exhaust and the extended intake pipe.


The Humvee will be four options. All green, 3 color NATO, Sand or the first two painted over with a local sand color.

An example of the NATO scheme.

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He has told me his first was a troop cargo carrier in green cammo and his second was a standard one in sand with the upside down V with the 50. cal, so I should be good with the paint call outs with the kits. I will use the Tamiya and Academy kits, with Def Model or Panzer Art Wheels. Wayne

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So those kits are mostly “newer” version. The mirrors are different, single post vs double posts. I don’t recall the other smaller bits, might be the brush guard. The Revell troop carrier is closer.

The Tamiya kit # 263 has both style mirrors and with or without brush guard. The Academy kit # 1362 also has the small mirrors and choice of with or without brush guard. And both have the Marine air and exhaust options, so I’m good to go. It’s not a rivet counter build, so all is well. Wayne

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Good deal. It sounds like you have what you need to build them. Looking forward to seeing them.

I agree with Gino, you seemed to have it all worked out. Look forward to seeing your projects.

I don’t believe that the two point mirror mounts came out until the mid 90’s at the soonest. I don’t see any in those 91 Gulf War photos, and i don’t recall seeing any for at least 6 or 7 years afterwards.

Had to have come out earlier as the MC had them in ‘95 and you know we are at the bottom of the food chain. I don’t recall seeing any single post ones when I was in, granted I didn’t recall paying attention to that detail but even the depo rent a shop at 29 Palms had two posts.

Well that gives an introduction date of sometime between ‘91 and ‘95, so early to mid 90’s. We still had single point mirrors in the Guard in the late 90’s, so you weren’t bottom of the food chain :wink:

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