Mark Fit Strong

tried this on a test piece and it removed the paint very efficiently: grin: test piece airbrushed with Tamiya acrylic paint and Alclad II Aqua gloss that was left to dry for a few days. used this product same way as I have used Microset in the past years. I will try another test piece that has been airbrushed with alclad II gloss clear kote, maybe that will work? instruction warned against using it on acryl paint. had to see for myself. anyone have a good outcome with this stuff? I slathered it on there, video out there of a guy brushing it on area for decal and letting it dry for a few minutes, placing decal with more mark fit . aqua gloss is acryl paint clear coat so maybe thats not good.

Welcome back, David good to see you.

I’ve used AquaGloss a few times but not with Mark Fit Strong. Usually spraying ~ three thin coats of AquaGloss in a criss-cross pattern to get a gloss coat. Overall, I’m not impressed with AquaGloss. It works OK.

If I wanted to try Mark Fit Strong over acrylic, I’d probably test gloss coating with Quick Shine. It’s better than Future, Pledge and much better than AquaGloss and other gloss products. That’s according to the local IPMS club’s expert aircraft modeler.

not real impressed with aqua gloss neither. Will follow advice ,thank you.testing on spare parts instead of my P40 build.

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Ouch! And yikes! And, sorry to see that.

FWIW I’ve used it over Aqua Gloss with no problems, but I don’t use Aqua much, so I don’t have a lot of experience there really. I usually use Tamiya X-22 and have not had any problems over that.

I tried micro sol on the same test piece with no adverse reaction. i will continue to evaluate the tamiya mark fit strong, has to be operator error :grinning: will try quick shine and/or alclad klear gloss, thanks for your reply.