Markings for Das Reich or 12th SS Wespe in Normandy

Hello to all. I’m trying to get info on what markings would apply to either Das reich or 12th SS Wespes (or Hummels) in Normany.
Thanks in advance for any help!!

Echelon Fine details has a decal set for a Das Reich Wespe which I think is what you are looking for. HTH, Joel.

Thanks Joel - you’re right they did make such a set several years ago. I think it was a limited run of 500 copies. I have been looking everywhere to locate a set. So far no luck! (Thought for sure somebody on EBay would have it. . .)

To be honest, if you are thinking of this one, “Clausewitz” from the famous photograph, you can source the “Das Reich” wolfsangel virtually anywhere, most Tamiya German kits had one in them! Likewise the generic number, “110”. All that leaves you with is the name, which with a bit of care could probably be hand painted. I tend not to use transfers any more unless I have to.
das reich hummel knocked out in normandy - Bing images