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Despite the ongoing problems with the invasion of Ukraine MikroMir has released the experimental Martin XB-51 in 1:72 scale

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Now, what about a 1/48th scale one?. :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

That is very cool! Think I might be adding that to my wish list.

Is this is the aircraft that lost it’s contract to the Canberra?

Oh hy, that thing is sooo ugly. I need it.

Yes it is. The Martin XB-51 lost out to the English Electric Canberra. Martin went on to produce the licence built Canberra: the B-57…

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Will have to look into this little episode and find out a little more. I’m guessing that the XB-51 had some technical issues.
I have to admit that I always thought that the Canberra was the best choice. It may not have been setting the world on fire performance wise, but it was a good, solid design that proved very adaptable. I can’t see the B-51 doing what the 57 did. Don’t NASA still have a couple flying for atmospheric research?

NASA is still flying three WB-57Fs.

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