Maru-Yu transport submarine

Hi all,

I thought I’d test the new interface with the following previously posted Maru-Yu submarine.

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to mention that Kalmbach Publishing this month has released a new modeling book, Modeling World War II in the Pacific, and one of the articles included is my piece on a Fujimi 1/700 scale Japanese Maru-Yu submarine. The Maru-YU class cargo subs were special transports deployed in a desperation program by the Imperial Army (independently of the Navy) to slip emergency supplies to starving troops on remote Pacific islands cut off by U.S. forces.

The how-to article for the little diorama is in the book and I can’t republish it here, but I can give you all some pictures of the model as a preview:

The book has sixteen other projects as well, including an Essex-class carrier and a beautiful build of the Japanese cruiser Tone.

Check it out!

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Amazing work!
But this pencil must be enormous…

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That is excellent work, Tim
I actually have that book on order and waiting to receive it…I guess the current
situation has slowed thing down as I opted to get it thru my LHS.

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