Marvel® Crisis Protocol

Well, this is my first Sci-Fi work. I took my 8yo son to a role game event a few weeks ago and after coming back, he asked me to make our own role game based on Marvel characters with our self-made rules. So I searched in some 3d designs web for all the stuff we’d need and put the resin printer at full speed. There’s a lot of work still to make, but this is what we have by now. Just wanna say that I’m not good at painting figures and what’s more, I have never painted a Sci-Fi figure

These are Hulk and Venom

And these, Winter Soldier, Thanos and Rhino

This is Ultron, without base yet.

We have already printed but without painting Quicksilver, Vision, Rocket the Racoon, Bullseye, Killmonger and a few more in the pendrive ready to be printed. We have also waiting a few street lights, a wrecked car, another car and one Hydra tank from the Age of Ultron film.

That’s all for now, I’ll show more when ready.



He probably thinks it’s cool and that’s all that matters. :+1:

They don’t look that bad. Maybe some washes to make them pop. Players choice.


Hey, Ryan, thanks for comment. He’s thinking about new rules and character’s abilities all day long. He’s very excited with the game.

All the figures have some washes, but the figures look so plain in the pictures. I will post more detailed pictures if I can get best shots.


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Yeah, I didn’t account for sometimes washes can get washed out in a photo. :+1:

Sounds like he is happy which all that matters.

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you have done a great job making those items and painting them.
i see you are in Spain, i wish i had seen that sooner as i am in Logrono at the moment but i am due to fly home today :frowning:

i hope to see more of your Marvel figures soon.

Thanks David.

I’ve never been in Logroño, and it’s only 3h driving from Madrid. I hope you have enjoyed your time there. You have some deliciois food there for sure.

I’ve not painted much lately, but at least I could make the game cards.


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those cards look great and do not worry about painting, i am like you as i can not paint at the moment as my airbrush has died.

I am home now and back at work after two bus journeys and two flights. Logrono was a very impressive place and we certainly ate well!

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It took a month to post some more figures, but in that time, I could paint more heroes and villains.

More detailed, Vision



Antman and Bullseye


And one Hydra tank

Also for atrezzo, a fountain

And finally, these two are the next on the bench, Mysterio and Falcon (Captain America version). I have also a Rocket the racoon and Killmonger for painting

I have to print 2 more figures yet, Magneto and Dr.Strange

That’s all by now. Regards!!!


I like the figures Nacho. :+1:

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