Maschinen Krieger: Newb

1st up, excuse my ignorance and lack of knowledge on the subject. I normally build 1/35 armour but am looking to broaden my range.

I picked up a 1/35 Maschinen Krieger kit and was just wondering what the “rules” are for building these kits for competition. Are they able to be altered and different markings applied ETC, or generally build OOB.

Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks.


nuts to the rules, build it your way!


Many of the Ma.K designs date back to the early 1980s when the cartoons were first published and rather than just imagine the machinery Kow Yokoyama kitbashed models for the artists to use as references. After the usual fallings out, law suits and profit motivated reconciliations associated with pretty much every Japanese Sci-Fi franchise copyright to the designs was assigned to Yokoyama. He has been pretty relaxed with garage manufacturers doing stuff to supplement the big companies stuff, providing they ask him first. So while there are reference books for those who are aficionados which can be useful for inspiration there is plenty of scope for creating one’s own units with variant colouring and markings, and even modifications to the models themselves.




Thank you very much for the information. Ive been listening to a few of the scale modelling podcasts and they have helped encourage me into trying something different. I also have just ordered a Bandai Valkyrie as well.

I plan on enhancing the gun and using my own markings as I don’t like the face on the kit provided decals. It should build up quickly haha.

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Watch out, it’s a slippery slope…
I sort of missed the “Built for Competition” bit. It’s not something I’ve bothered with, and looking at various Categories/Judges Instructions on the net makes me glad I haven’t. I date back to the era when building a space fighter generally meant doing something obscene to a SAAB Draken… Nowadays it’s a Golden Age with aftermarket parts to accuratise commercial models of machines from your favourite show/movie/game, but I still like to clag together bits of plastic that were never intended even be in the same room together or even be part of a “scale” model (sometimes I don’t know what scale an item is, or even what it is, when I form the opinion it’s more or less complete).
To drag you further into my insanity, now I’m loosing the capacity to build what I’ve dreamed, the wherewithal to construct such items has become readily available. I like the fantastical variant of Post-apocalyptic fiction which runs with the “Mad Max 2/Road Warrior” style. For the first time in about forty years Airfix have re-released their Beach Buggy kit which (sans bodywork) provides a platform on which to build all sorts of transport, and Master Box provide figures to go with them.

It’s not such a big step from 1:35th armour and Max is part of your Antipodean heritage…