Maschinengewehrschütze, Hürtgenwald, November 1944




Jay once again your work is outstanding! From your vehicles to your figures you obviously have a ton of talent!

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That is a super looking piece. You’ve managed to convey a really fed up look in his face which matches the cold, autumnal tones of the scene. The wet mud around his boots and coat bottom also add to this. The great-coat and equipment look spot-on too and the base is just right for the size of figure.

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That is very kind of you. Thank you!

Thank you! I have a small group of friends who also build models, and we constantly share in progress shots of our projects and give eachother feedback. They were a great help in finishing this piece.

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So this is Tamiya’s 1/16 plastic figure?

At first I thought it was a good quality resin figure! Best job I’ve ever seen done on a Tamiya figure! :+1: :+1:


That is very kind of you to say!
And yes, that is the figure I used.

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