Masking an albatros d iii for painting

so i’m working on an eduard 1/48 albatros d iii. I have the fuselage, tail, and lower wing assembled. I now need to paint it. I’m at a loss for how to mask the engine. I wish I had masked it before I put it inside the fuselage (but then I wouldn’t be sure how to get the masking off). The side where the exhausts will go isn’t really a problem - I can get masking tape around it there. But the side without where the engine cowling kind of bends in under the intake manifold assembly. How do you mask that?

While I’m at it, what’s your best trick for masking the cockpit? I stuff foam in there but it seems to spread out and overlap the fuselage. I imagine I’ll run a couple of pieces of tape around it then stick the foam in. But other cool tricks/tips would be welcomed.

I’d cut thin strips of painters tape and apply that along the engine side to build up the height to protect the engine enough to get a full strip over the top. For the cockpit, I’d stuff it with tissues rather than foam because the foam suck paint into the areas you don’t want it to go. Again, put small strips of tape to build a wall against paint getting in.

I’m not quite sure about what you describe as regards the engine masking but for areas that you can’t apply masking tape to in a conventional manner try cutting tape and sliding it down between the engine and cowling side but so that the adhesive side is outwards so that it is stuck to the inside of the fuselage area. If you do the same on the other side then further stripes can be added to those but adhesive to adhesive sides, up and over the engine?
Before stuffing sponge into open areas I apply masking tape around the inside of the opening, then you will have a sharp edge at the opening and the sponge will delicately fill the rest.