Masking Clear Windows on D9R Dozer

I’m in the process of building Meng’s D9R Dozer w/slat armor and I am trying to figure the best way to cover the windows on cab during the painting process. Just wondering what method others have used or could recommend. I’m down to two options. First, mask it with masking tape or second, use a product by Ammo called Liquid Mask. I’ve never used Liquid Mask before so I don’t know what to except or how it holds up under painting conditions. Is there any “bleed” under the liquid mask and lastly, how easy it to remove? Thanks.

I have seen but not used liquid masks. I have seen it peel off just fine. I like to prepaint those parts around the windows first. Build the windows and parts. Then later a generic mask can be used to protect the windows. Well that’s how I plan to do my D9 w/o slats some day.

As far as I can remember (I’ve built the same kit) you have 2 sets of windows - a “normal” (clear) one and the bulletproof (the blue-greenish tinted) one. I have selected to go with the bulletproof one.
So you’re left with a “spare” set of windows - before painting put the “clear” ones (in my build they fit quite OK without glueing), do not glue them (maybe fix them with adhesive tape or something if needed), paint the cabin, remove and throw away the clear ones and replace them with the bulletproof ones for the final assembly

I have also seen, but not used, several different pre-cut masks for this kit. I have not gotten far enough in this kit to even think about painting yet!

I have used Micro-Mask several times, particularly on small clear parts with no problems of bleed through or under. I comes off pretty easily with a sharp #11 blade tip at a corner and sorta pops off rather than peel off. I apply a coat (It’s blueish), let it dry, then add another light coat if it seems thin anywhere. The only issue I’ve had is that it sometimes ‘creeps’ up a bit on the edges where the window meets the frame. Surface tension probably. So when you pop it off you might have to touch up the frame edge just a hair.

I’d suggest digging into the spares box and trying it out on some test parts first to get a feel for how it works.