Does anybody know of a good liquid masking material that once dried can be easily cut with an X-Acto blade. I used to use a product from Mr. hobby that was a blue liquid you could paint on a canopy cut out the frame Peeled apart do you want to paint off
and paint. Everything I try now won’t cut with an X-Acto knife stays tacky and is recommended to rub to remove. I have vallejo, Mig, micro mask, my hobby-sol r and neo.

Hi, you would be after Micro Mask by Microscale, it is a blue liquid you can brush on and cut to shape. Cheers.

I tend to use Tamiya tape where sharp edge demarcations are needed, then infill with PVA/Elmers, with a loop embedded in it to aid removal.

Then I don’t need to worry about cut marks from scalpels, etc.

I used to use Humbrol Maskol, goes purple… But if left too long, you need a chisel to remove it!