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Possible. But don’t forget that they donate a significant portion of tgheir sales to support the anti “military action.”

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@Biggles50, I’m pretty sure that PM Store sells it for $11.99 USD. Sure, if you add 4 dollars of shipping onto that, it’ll be closer to $16.00 USD. It is a new release, so maybe the price will go down eventually. Either way, it’s still supporting Ukraine.

Last news

24078 - Pоst-apocalyptic series. The Last Bridge (the mix of kits 24075, 24076, 24077), 1/24 scale

35230 - Russian-Ukrainian War series, kit № 7. News from home, 1/35


I noticed that the discontinued items (above) are mostly kits that contain a bicycle, which also contain brass PE for details and, especially, the wheel spokes. Is the discontinuation of these kits due to a lack of brass for the war effort? The bicycles are (were?) well-done, and a useful dio accessory. I hope some day MB re-instates these kits.
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Hello, Biggles50
As I know the Master Box have no plans to re-issue those kits more

Master Box released couple new sets
35231 On the battlefield. Ukrainian military medics Kit No.8, 1/35

32021 Persian Lightly Armed Warrior (Takabara). Kit №8 , 1/32


32022 - Greco-Persian Wars Series. Kit № 9. Flag Officer of the Persian Heavy Infantry 1/32 scale

35232 - The Mohicans. Indian Wars Series, the XVIII century. Kit No 5. 1/35 scale


The first news in 2024
24084 - “At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company’s adventures. Episode II. The birth of the Team. The First Raid”, 1/24

35229 - “Russian-Ukrainian War series, Kit № 6. Javelin. The Ukrainian Anti-Tank Crew”, 1/35


Nothing new about these figures:
except that now they’re both in one box:

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The news of April 2024
24081 - "At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company’s Adventures. Episode IV. “We beat them!”, 1/24

Master Box 35235 Russian-Ukrainian War № 9. Ukrainian SOF. Sniper group 1/35

Re-issued items
Master Box 3507 - German tank crew, set #1 (4 figures) 1/35

Master Box 3530 Sd. Kfz. 1 Type 170 VK, German Military Staff Car, WW II, 1/35

Master Box 3531 Sd.Kfz. 2 Type 170 VK, German military radio car, WW II, 1/35


News from Master Box
35233 “The Wild West. Gold Fever Series. Kit № 1. Gold-digger”
35233.jpg 35233-1.jpg

35234 “The Mohicans. Indian Wars Series, XVIII ст. Kit №6”
35234.jpg 35234-1.jpg

35236 “The Mohicans. Mortal Combat. Indian Wars Series, the XVIII century. Kit No. 7
35236.jpg 35236-1.jpg

re-issued items
“German soldier-bicyclist, 1939-1942”
35171.jpg 35171_1.jpg
“French soldier, WWII era”

35173.jpg 35173_1.jpg
35179 “Volkssturm. Tank Hunter. Germany, 1944-1945”
35179.jpg 35179_1.jpg
35182 “Volkssturm. Ammunition to the Frontline”
35182.jpg 35182_1.jpg