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The last news from Master Box
Master Box 35224 Kit №2 Azov Regiment, Defence of Mariupol, March 2022 - 1/35

Master Box 35228 Russian-Ukrain ian War series, № 5. Refugees, March 2022 - 1/35


These look great but I notice the box art clashing with the actual kits in that the helmets are Ops Core/ Mich type portrayed in the artwork but the figure images on the rear of the boxes are wearing a close representation of the Ukrainian Kaska helmet!

yes, seems you are right)

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Not really news… we posted info on these releases 2 months ago:


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Just for the info: this kits is out of production. Master Box will not produce it more

this kits out of production too


But predicted 10 months ago. :slight_smile:

They need to rerelease the older figures!

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Just released news
News from Master Box
35225 - Russian-Ukrainian War series, kit № 3. Defence of Kharkiv, March 2022

35226 - Russian-Ukrainian War series, Kit № 4. Territorial Defence Forces of Ukraine. Bucha clean-up, April 2022


Wow…2 figure sets! :slightly_frowning_face:
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I don’t get this either. Will they be half the price of their normal 4-figure sets?

Here are the best prices for the Masterbox figures that I’ve found and they’re roughly the same price as four 1/35 Masterbox Ukrainian figures.

I ordered from the Plastic Models Store in Ukraine via Amazon before the war and PRIME shipping was 1-2 days from PM Store Ukraine! It actually arrived two days later over half a world away! Now that was EXCELLENT shipping.

But now Amazon jacked up the prices of Masterbox kits (and Amazon jacked up the price of ALL model kits they sell in 2023) and shipping takes a month for some Masterbox Ukrainian figure kits so I can’t recommend ordering from Amazon anymore unless you have the cash to pay the inflated prices.

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You have to like the banner at the top of his site,

WE ARE OPENED and SHIP ORDERS despite war.
We will bury all ruZZian dickheads into our fertile Ukrainian soil! This Autumn we will have a gorgeous harvest!


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New Master Box kits in sale

35222 - “Indian Wars Series, XVIII century. Kit No. 4. Fair exchange”, 1/35

35227 - “German military man, 1939-1941”, 1/35

WOW!!! A single 1/35 figure for ONLY USD $18.99!! :rage: Master Box figure sets (4 + figures) went for that much. :exploding_head:
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Is Master Box now producing resin figures?? Because that is an average price for a resin figure! I realize times are tough in Ukraine…but, really?? :thinking:
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Now MB is not producing resin figurines or kits. This set 35227 contain set of german weapons plate and 1 soldier kit. The problem concerning the total price of the kit is added expenses that the same as for the other “standart” kits from 4-5 figurines. That’s why the price about the same for all the MB kits and manufacturer add the plate with weapons to make the price more reasonable. If consider the price for wholesalers or dealers it’s have not big difference with the prices of other MB kits - just 1-1.5 euro

Too rich for my blood. I have a figure set from Master Box and its a great set. Nothing against them.

I’ve nothing against Master Box, either. I’ve bought many of their figure sets, and their 1/72 vehicles (which were very good, and I wished they would produce more). Their figure sets are very good, with some good, useful, and imaginative poses.
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