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Master Box announces two new sets of figures on their Russian-Ukrainian War series.

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Fitting tribute to the HEROES of AZOV who fought beyond
the call of duty in Mariupol at the Azovstal plant.


Both sets look great. I am more interested in the back of the box that shows the other sets in the series. Hopefully they will all be out soon.

I wish they were all 4-figure sets though. Any idea what the price of the 2-figure sets will be?

I have set #1 on the way. I’m thinking a burned-out BMP with “Wolverines” painted on it behind them.


I’m not a fan of plastic figures as they don’t have the details that resin ones have so I’d be interested to see what they actually look lije rather than relying on box art or CAD images.

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Cool. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to buy these figures in my country. I will ask my sister to buy in Poland.

David, The quality and crispness is not too bad in Masterbox Figures in all honest. OK NEVER going to be as sharp as resin but still very good in my experience.

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I have found that Master Box sets are usually very good, with excellent detail for plastic figures. Miniart, not so much, many more miss than hit in my opinion, flashy parts, and very soft details.

The details of Masterbox figures are very good and fit is generally excellent for plastic figures.

You can get Masterbox figures from Amazon…not the cheapest price, but factoring in free shipping for Amazon Prime Members, the price is competitive.

I can understand the complaints as Masterbox kits do rehash some of the same parts for each kit and their gear can be somewhat boxy; however, that seems to be changing with their latest kits adding more deeper clothing wrinkles and the gear not as boxy.

I think one issue with Masterbox figures is that they tend to be on the thin side compared to other 75mm (1/24) scale figures. Resin figures tend to be more beefy and wider. The height scale is correct for Masterbox figures, but the width of Masterbox figures could use some more “muscle.”