Master Slicer V

Anyone here have one of these? I saw it used in a video on YouTube and thought it would save a bunch of time in making small slices of tamiya tape. But looks like I have to get it from Japan and although it’s not expensive, the price goes to x3 to get it in any reasonable amount of time.

No, but I have seen other PE templates that do something similar to speed up cutting masks.

Did find this company on this side of the pond.

This one?

"Blades are NOT included, requires a 6mm blade

Compatible with the OLFA XB10 Replacement Cutter Blades (6mm) (25 pc)"

Those blades are 0.45 mm thick so the narrowest strips would be 0.45 or maybe 0.5 mm if the blades
have 0.05 mm of air between them. Does the masking material hold together in such narrow strips?
I would buy Tamiya 1 mm ready cut masking tape instead.
If I ever have the need for a narrower tape I will just have to make a tool for that single need.

Edit: I checked the link provided by Tank_1812 and found this little diagram:
Seems as if 1 mm is the narrowest you get …

Yes, that’s the one. Anyone used it?

Thanks for the pointer to the Canada source. Hmmm, I think that might be a Canadian business in front of a Japanese shipper? Well, I didn’t dig that much but the price with shipping is $10 more than if I order from Japan and use Fedex shipping…

A fellow modeller, who is a thorough reviewer of tools and whose opinion I always trust, tested it some time ago and was very pleased.
Sorry I can not remember the details, as I was not very interested in this particular tool.

There are any number of similar tools that have been around forever… Here’s the one sold by Micro-Mark:

Master Slicer V

An expedient cutter can be made by using a small nut and bolt with washers stacked between X-acto blades with the bolt going through the openings in the shafts of the blades. Multiple blades can be stacked like this to give multiple strips of tape. Very little pressure is needed to cut through the tape, so this contraption can easily be held and controlled by just holding the shafts of the blades (i.e. no handle is really required). Works well if you just need a few strips of tape for a single project.

The small steel “eraser” templates used by “old school” draftsmen is also a useful tool for cutting small shapes (or for scribing lines in plastic).

Eraser Shield

Finally, rolls of thin “pin striping” tape can easily be found online and at vendors that sell automotive painting supplies. I have rolls that are in .5mm width increments all the way up from .5mm to 6mm which overlaps the starting width of my Tamiya tape rolls. Just Google pinstriping tape to find this stuff. Amazon is a good source.


I think Star frit made something like that! :smile_cat:
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