Masterbox Defence of Kharkiv | Armorama™

Master Box is working on the third set of Ukrainian-Russian War series, two figures of Defence of Kharkiv, March 2022

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these look good, i hope they release them soon.

Oh I do like these…
They look like the might be the second half of the RPG team previously announced under a different Name (Azov Battaloin in Mariupol)

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i just hope they release them soon and they don’t end up on the open market in december

Three months after cessation of hostilities.

@18bravo how are you so sure about thst time frame, inside information?

I have Jedi skills. Seriously. It says so on my ARB.

@18bravo i have no idea what “ARB” is, is that some sort of national guard secret code :slight_smile:

It’s basically a HR file, jobs title, skills, locations etc.

The rocket launcher is pretty good.

Really, with 3-D printing accessories, one can customize these figures to practically represent anything…and there is no shortage of 1/35 resin gear accessories to improve these figures and their pouches.