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New Master Box 1/35 figure of German WWII Soldier

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I would be upset with Master Box if I purchased this item. I think the figure’s face is very disappointing.

The face in the box art has absolutely no resemblance to the face of the actual figure in the box. One might may wonder if the artist even bothered to look at the figure or vice versa.

The box art figure’s face with the evil side ways leer is worth paying for as it’s unique.

Reminds one of this fellow from Inglorious Bastards.

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…but this is what’s in the box?

WTF is this? Snoke from the First Order in those Disney Star Wars movies?

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One can see the family resemblance if its not the same rascal.

That’s not the vicious leer of a pillaging rascal, its the look of a sad fellow who’s chafed because his drawers are three sizes too small and his hemorrhoids flared up. Plus the figure seems have a water melon head.


Like the straps on the helmet for holding cammo, but the helmet itself is an odd shape.

If you are going to release a stand alone figure I cant help but feel it should be 1/16th scale.

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I think like a number of companies the box artist and sculpture/designer are doing things at the same time and results may vary. Not trying to bag on them but MB is known for don’t fall in love with the box art as the plastic and back of the box can and most likely be different.

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Just seems a bit odd to be selling a 1/35 styrene single figure. I don’t mind the angry face, but the helmet needs a replacement from the spares. I do prefer the alternate pose of both hands on the rifle over the box art pose. Might work for watching prisoners or refugees in a scene…


Agreed. I wonder what the price point will be. If you follow the same logic of their full sets at about $20, this one should be about $5. I don’t see it going that cheap though.

$3 fair price in my opinion for what’s in the box, need to slap a spare quality aftermarket head & helmet on and one would have a nice enough figure.

Very true. I try not to be taken in by box art as well.

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So do I but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. :joy:

You’re not the only one… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah, I agree with the fact that the head and helmet aren’t super great. For a single figure they should have better quality stuff.

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It seems that the button on the shoulder board is sitting directly above the strap of the gear.

If so, this also would have to be corrected. The box art is clearly different but also incorrect as the buttons should be placed closer to the collar.


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Did anybody else notice the Mosin on the boxart ?

Don’t see the point in selling a single, styrene figure, either. TBH it doesn’t look very exciting. Many modellers will add a Hornet or similar resin head to improve it. The shoulder strap button goes through the leather Y strap. The rifle sling front swivel is wrong. Maybe the figure will be better when actually seen ?

I’ll pass on this one…it almost looks like an old 70s Tammiya figure.

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They’ve developed a habit of single figures at a rather spiked price. I made some concessions for some (Ancient Greek, Western Gunslingers) yet this one is a PASS…