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News from Meng, a really cool surprise indeed...

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Wow !! Awesome !

Thank you Meng Models ! :partying_face:

And glad to see according “scalemates” website, it is a new tool kit. Not their previous cougar model with new parts, because this kit has a significant size issue on the front.

Meng always comes out with some awesome kits. :+1:

That is one bodacious beast! Curious to know though, what is the function of the 18"(?) rod attached to the left side of the M2 .50 cal. in the turret? Hope the front wheels are position-able, wheeled vehicles look so much better with the wheels turned to one direction or the other . . IMHO :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Cajun :crocodile:

Come to papa…

Good question, strange part.

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Yeah I had a feeling it was something like that, hmm, acheing shoulder after a long firefight but I guess that would be of little consequence in those circumstances.
Thanks for looking that up.

Cajun :crocodile:

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Accurate Armour talk about a “balanced mount”.
Perhaps it is a lever used to adjust the position of the mount ?
On other pics, this lever is in a vertical position.

I finally pulled their 6x6 Cougar out of the stash. It’s about half done. At least I’ll have space for this one now. Looks pretty nice. All that bar armor scares me a little, though.

Looks like a great vehicle to have during the zombie apocalypse.

Very cool do the Mastiffs in service carry the slat armor in peace time as well?

“Train as you fight.”

Drivers should be able to get used to the weight difference of the additional slat armor and be capable to effectively maneuver the vehicle during training.

If you’ve ever seen a Stryker vehicle fitted with Slat Armor, you can notice how the vehicle behaves differently than without the armor.

Also, other things like terrain conditions, weather and the like will change how the vehicle behaves and how the driver will handle the vehicle.

It would be interesting if they plan also the MRAP Wolfhound for a next kit.