Matchbox Assault! SO many. SO cool. Gotta love the classics!

If there’s one thing I love about going to hobby shops, it’s seeing some of the old stuff that’s for sale there. Most shops carry the newest and shiniest, but a lot of them also have a section for old collections that have been bought, and that’s where I love to hang out.

With all the current travel restrictions, hobby shop runs have been off the table for a while, but thankfully, a local shop came to the rescue with a buy of 1,200-odd old kits!!! Of course, my heart leapt at the prospect, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Among these time-travelers were boxes of Matchbox kits, and you know me… I do love me some Matchbox! I managed to get 20 of them that I didn’t already have, plus some other goodies! Check out this haul at the link below, and don’t forget to vote at the bottom of my page! There’s a lot to love here!

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Great stuff Adam, what a haul! The only kit in there I’ve built is the He 115 (many years ago).

I’ve had a read through your blog post, and voted. Very keen to see some review images of the Raiden, I’ve seen some Arii kits and they are generally really good.

Cheers, D

Great haul!
It was a hard choice between the two Canadian aircraft but I voted the CF-104G.