Matiss Kivlenieks is dead

This has nothing to do with modelling but I was so shocked when I read the news today that I want to let you know this.

Matiss “Kivi” Kivlenieks, goalie of the Latvian Ice Hockey National Team and the Columbus Blue Jackets died yesterday in a tragic accident at the age of only 24 … :cry:
(160) Columbus remembers Blue Jackets goalie Matiss Kivlenieks - YouTube
(160) Matiss Kivlenieks Passes Away at 24 Years of Age - YouTube

I have seen him playing for his country just a few weeks ago during the World Championships in Riga and he was one of the best players of his team.


It’s tragic when young people die …

Only the good die young.

Thanks for your sympathy, guys!

Kivlenieks’ death has really stunned the ice hockey world and the fans world wide, especially in Latvia and the NHL this week. Even here in Germany it was quite an event in the sports news over the past days.

Meanwhile the autopsy report has been published and the death was not caused by the head injuries but by a misguided firework which hit his chest and caused severe damage to his lunges and heart. It sounds so unbelievable, so unreal … :cry:
Listen to this video:
Matiss Kivlenieks death: 911 calls detail fireworks incident (
Blue Jackets comment on death of goalie Matiss Kivlenieks – The Madison Leader Gazette (

R.I.P Kivi

Take care whatever you do

Yes as a huge hockey fan I was so saddened by this tragedy Torsten. My heart goes out to his friends and most all family.