Maultier Hulk Restoration

1944 Dutch manufactured Maultier recovered from rubble heap and restored.

This site has other stories about restorations.

The article is only available for subscribers …

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Bizarre. I cannot open it from my PC, but it opened and re-opened when I access it via my phone. A shame, because it is an incredible article with several photos.

I just got around it by Google search “ restored Dutch maultier “ - click on images and any number from this article come up . HTH


Clever! Thank you. It opened for me on my PC.

The link did open for me but then it immediately prompts you to sign up for their services and their e-mails without allowing you to see the article in question.

Sorry but I never buy the cow before tasting the milk!

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I was able to access the site a few times but no I can not. But I tried what RDT1953 wrote, searching “ restored Dutch maultier “, and the images did come up.

Excellent suggestion Fred. I was able to view the photos as you suggested but of course not in any organized way.

Quite a before and after resurrection here!

(These images were picked up from the internet and are used here for discussion purposes only. They remain the sole property of the original author and photographer.)

Dutch? Did Ford have a plant there as well as in Berlin?

There was a Ford plant in Amsterdam between 1931 and 1981. According to the Kfzdewehrmacht site, during the occupation lorries were assembled there using parts from and under the control of Ford Koln.

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that us some restoration job, well done indeed to all those magnificent workers who brought that vehicle back to life.

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