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Green Stuff World is creating the world's blackest paint ever created for the hobby world. The most incredible and blackest color that absorbs 98.9% of the light with amazing opaque coverage is one of the coolest effects to use on your dioramas, miniatures, and many other crafts.

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Sounds like a nearly VantaBlack (~99.6% light absorption) paint for the hobby world and that’s pretty cool.

This could be a really interesting paint. Check out these two identical bronze busts one is painted with VantaBlack.

That ought to add some depth to the old exhaust ports…wink :wink:


Wow, incredible effect. Why’d they put it on Kickstarter though? Is this paint going to be expensive?

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Seems that they need funding for the changes on their production, this is not a normal acrylic paint.

As for the price, the kickstarter starts at 4 euros per 17ml bottle plus shipping, which is not really that high in my opinion.

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No clue on price, many of the super blacks are very expensive. VantaBlack is also restricted for export allegedly for some reason. VantaBlack is also very fragile etc.

Would be really fun to do say a Pz IV with every hatch open with a sheet styrene blocking off the iside of the tank. Paint the raw opening with Darth Black, probably give an interesting mystery of the Heart of Darkness inside said model.