Maybe a new category?

There’s been a few excellent vignettes posted here recently. Why not make a new category dedicated to vignettes?


or perhaps we could consolidate them and call it the “Dioramas & Vignettes” category?


seems like a good idea to me.

Agree 100% !

What would be the purpose, benefit, or value of creating a new category?


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Surely a Vignette is just a small Diorama ? So its a … Diorama

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Here is how the two major clubs define them.
Dioramas are story-centric, specifically built to tell a story or convey a message.
Vignettes may also tell a story, or may simply depict a ‘moment in time/location’.


The diorama is story-centric, and the story is the most important part of the work. Therefore, those elements of the diorama that contribute to the telling of the story

The vignette is model-centric and not story-centric. The models themselves are the most important part of the vignette.

Maybe instead of a new category, new tags to filter by for folks with the category called Dioramas and Vignettes?

I was just about to ask a question but I see I did that two months ago, and no one had an answer.