MAZ 537 g Completed

Well the long journey with the 537 is now complete.
There are almost 900 scratch parts on the truck and trailer .
Also the scratch built fod blower .
The base is also all scratch and the entire seen is designed to show how so much equipment has been abandoned.


Very nice. It came out great. I really like the dilapidated hanger in the background.

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Great finish on this beast. :+1: :+1: Sadly a lack of space keeps me from doing these large Russian/Soviet pieces.

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Looks excellent Chris. Really came great. Great job on the engine details; finish looks excellent to and the base. Great idea! I built the Trumpy kit several years ago and loved it. I did not detail it like you did except for resin wheels. It’s in a plastic storage bin because I have no place to put it yet lol.

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Looks great.

You bringing that to the contest in Feb?

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@Tank_1812 . Ryan I will have it there for sure . Make sure you find me there.

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@HeavyArty . its gona require a big shelf lol

Excellent job, the whole thing looks superb and as Gino mentioned, the Hanger door is a great back drop.



Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here in the corner sniffing Tamiya putty trying not to leave a whole crime scene worth of finger prints on things.

You’ve really outdone your self with this one Chris. The good news is it looks big enough that you could use it to hold a bowl of mash potatoes because other than the middle of your dining room table I don’t know where that’s going to live.

@HeavyArty @metalhead85 @Armorsmith .Thanks guys. I’m still trying to decide where it will live now. Guess its time to add a new shelf

@Canmedic . Pass the putty , I need a sniff of the good stuff.

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I struggled a bit trying to decide on the direction I wanted to go with that.

Outstanding piece there Chris- well really three pieces combined to make one big one! The base is impressive in terms of its size but also really well detailed to suit the scene- the grass in the cracked paving looks just right as does the faded hangar number. The FOD blower looks ace now all chained down to the MAZ which has a fantastic shade of green and a nicely ‘used’ look.

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Thank you my friend . so glad it all ties together and is pleasing to the eye.
Very kind words from you indeed.

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If I make the show, I guarantee I will look you up.

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Absolutely fantastic…

Nice job. Excellent.

Very well done.

Everything looks great.

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