Mcfarlane Toys Warhammer 40K Figures

Hopefully this is the right spot to post this ,I’ve just dicovered Mcfarlane Toys makes a range of Warhammer 40K figures including Space marines ,Chaos Marines and Adepta Sororitas! ,there are pre-painted one’s but the good thing is whats called the “Artist Proofs” ,their unpainted so you can paint them yourself!
This my first try at one and it’s a lot easier than trying to paint a 28mm one :wink: :rofl: :rofl:
Black Templar Primaris Marine Reiver


So they are large scale action type figures like other McFarlane’s, and made of a soft plastic?
:grinning: :canada:

Yes, they are plastic. There Warhammer store in the downtown Mtl has them for 25$, I just checked last Tuesday. 7" tall, too big for me. :wink:

P/s: Nice Black Templar.

I tell you what my friend, you are a lot braver than me.

I have been staring at this guy for 8 months now… :smile: Hopefully soon I will take the leap.

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What paint did you use? I’ve had problems with paint adhesion on soft vinyl figures before.

Their a ton of fun and easier to paint than the 28mm tabletop ones :wink: :rofl: ,because their easy to break down you can go with sub-assemblies like a normal model which helps.

I used Army Painter black spray primer which also works as the base coat aswell ,gives a nice coat and is tough , I deliberately tried to scratch it with a fingernail and had to really work at it to get a small one - I rate it up there with my normal Mr Surfacer 1000!

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A few more I’ve been working on
Adeptus Sororitas Battle Sister from the Order of the Argent Shroud

Black Templar HellBlaster


One of Da Boyz - Ork Meganob with Shoota painted with the scheme from the Meganob set from Games Workshop

Who’s a pretty boy den

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