MDF Star Wars X Wing attempt

Good morning/afternoon/evening, I hope everyone is doing well. All the best to you all. I was recently absolutely blown away by @madtatt building, painting and weathering that incredible CEC YT-1300 Millennium Falcon by Bandai. It inspired me to try achieve at least a tenth of his build. So I bought a cheap mdf kit of a X Wing.

It is far bigger than I thought so I quickly got intimidated. After that I realised how spoiled we are with our instruction booklets. Really not too much information given here…

Next thing was that there were no real indentations on the wood. Just black lines. So for panel lining later I tediously needed to scribe evey line.

I slowly started to make progress.

I finally finished one wing. I took very long. I am rather busy with other projects but excited about this one. It is going to take time but I will upload progress as I get along.

Thanks for having a look. Stay healthy and stay awesome.


Looks impressive, but like you said, its going to take a while … good luck with it.


Hello Werner.
Nice that my building has inspired you.
I’ll look over your shoulder at what you’re doing here.
An interesting model.