Me 262 Engines

So I’m working on Dragon’s Me 262A-1a and I’m reaching the stage where I need to assemble the engines. Does anyone have good references of them to give me some examples of how I should weather them? It can be something you’ve built or actual photos, any ideas are fine.
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If you google Me 262 engines many images are available- actual , model , etc .
Be aware that some flying replicas have been built with non- Jumo engines so be sure it’s an original engine you are looking at.


Unfortunately, from the research I’ve done looking up details on the Jumo 004 engine for building the Zoukei-Mura Ho229 kit, the engines that you see in the museums are a) cleaned up (not an overwhelming issue, given the average service life of the Jumo 004), b) missing plumbing/wiring, or c) cut open to reveal the interior details. Some examples I’ve bookmarked:

NASM Jumo 004
Jumo 004 from Wikipedia
Flickr photo of Jumo 004, I believe from the NASM
Jumo 004 in the Udvar-Hazy Center
Annotated photos of the Jumo 004 by Chris Wimmer
Closeup of Jumo 004 compressor section from the Hyperscale forums, photos from the San Diego Air and Space Museum (oil pump is mislabeled as the Reidel starter engine)
Render of a Jumo engine labeled as a ‘Jumo 008’; useful only for piping layout, not for colors, weathering, or wiring
Discussion of the Ho IX and the Jumo 004 from the LargeScalePlanes forum, with pictures of both the Jumo 004 and the Zoukei-Mura kit
Design of the Jumo 004, video using a cutaway engine
Junkers Jumo 004 turbojet engine - Strahltriebwerk, video shot in the Flugausstellung Hermeskeil
Close Look at the Jumo 004 Jet Engine, video that from the improper labeling for the Reidel starter looks to be from the San Diego Air and Space Museum
Strahltriebwerk Junkers Jumo 004 - Turbojet engine, video that also appears to be from the Flugausstellung Hermeskeil; the engine is in immaculate condition and probably does not represent the engine as produced


Check the Flying Heritage and combat vehicles museum in Seattle. They have a 262 with Jumo engines.