Me262A-2a done

You said the boss is the worse part of the kit, whats the boss? I have that kit coming in the mail soon so any info is most useful. Looks good! Will keep an eye out on the nose! John

Meant nose, must have auto corrected to boss. Aside from the nose it’s a great kit. I would recommend maybe adding weights to the nose and forgoing the metal insert they provide, instead opting for the plastic. I think the metal is a bit oversized leading to many of the nose issues

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Thanks, I saw a build using the metal and it still tail sat when it was touched or bumped at the tail. Thinking using plastic myself to get away from super glue. John

Yeah it doesn’t tail sit with the metal, but the slightest bump will knock it onto its tail. If I build another HB me-262 which I plan to, I’ll use the plastic nose

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YUP, plastic nose wheel well and plenty of lead weight in the nose!!! John

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yes i forgot to mention that i added thin strips of plastic to the fuselage where the bottom of the panel and fuselage meet. i didn’t think of sanding or shaving some material off the inside of the bottom of the panel. i will try that next time or i will just glue the gun bay shut. you don’t really look at it unles you are displaying it in a diorama.


Glad to know I wasn’t the only one that had to add that strip, I worried it was me that did it. The fit on the nose was frustrating on these for sure