Meerkat Armoured reconnaissanceVehicle aka SWB Leopard

I was inspired by a number of What if builds on the Canadian Vehicles forum, my kind of what ifs- credible ideas, not the “slap 27 guns in it and call it a hover tank” stuff…
Base kit was an Italeri A4 and once the hull was completed out came the saw. The sensor mast and head was inspired by the Fennek and is removable for transport and storage (but not workable).
The sensor housing was scratched from stock and detailed up with model railway bits for the actuators. In homage to the source inspiration I decided to finish it as a Canadian vehicle.


Cool idea! :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice looking vehicle and SUPERB painting and weathering!
Thanks for sharing.

Very neat; I like the concept too. I’m beginning to come around to some of the “What-Ifs” genre - much food for thought and inspiration.

Well done Paul - very nice indeed.


Great idea and I love the camo! :+1:

Thank you Brian,
Ithink the genre itself can be something of of a pallet cleanser as long as you do get silly.When I do build What-ifs I try to keep them credible. I’m currently playing with an idea for a NATO version of the Terminator based on another Leopard hull.

Thank you Staff!

Starting point, add missiles, lower the turret since modern electronics take up less space.
There are better Gepard kits out there but if you are doing a what-if there is no point in starting with an expensive kit …

This is really cool.

Your idea here has a lot of sophistication and thought behind it. Not just slapping engines on an existing vehicle and pretending A is B, as you say!

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