Mega diorama Hershey Bars and Lucky Strikes

this is a mega diorama Ive been working on for a bit . It is all scratch built , all the vehicles have been heavily modified as well.
The foot print is 2 feet x 4 feet and aprox 2.5 feet tall.
It is a tribute to the Overstegen sisters. …
There is still much to do and is slowly getting there.


Nicely done !!

Thank you … Its still a long way to go … Need to finish the buildings a few more vehicles and the trolley as well as run all the wiring and that just to get the basics in place.

that’s literally a work of art! Only wish I could do things that well

For me it is about looking at things in layers and trying to figure out how shapes are broken down.
It is easier than it looks . Try to think about a tree. If you take a cross section of the tree you see all the layers thay it takes to make that tree.

What scale is this?

That’s going to be epic :+1:

It is 1/35 scale . still working on all the figures also

Thank you much.

Yea, what he said!

Very impressive. You must have a huge display area! :slight_smile:

Yes thank you. I have a 18x 24 detached garage that is finished . it is my work shop slash man cave.

Nice to have elbow room! If you don’t mind my asking, in what part of the world are you located?


Im in central Virginia… What part are you in?

Go Chris! Awesome work everywhere & even better some serious history to back it up – talk about femmes fatales…

So presumably this is Haarlem? Will you be featuring the sisters & might you be considering some ladies’ bicycles by any chance? :+1: :tumbler_glass:

Central, coastal California. I was hoping you were somewhere remotely near the Bay Area, or even southern Cali so perhaps I’d be able to see your work in person at a show sometime.
Thank goodness for the internet😏

Yes I have some bicycles planned. The town layout is purely from my mind.

Were about as far apart as can be … Opposite coasts and all … Yes thank goodness for the net

Uau, Chris!
It’s really big. A lot of work involved. Very nice!


Thank you … There is still much to do