Meng 1/24 GT40 Mk II- Lightning Sale! Sprue Bro's

1:24 Meng Ford GT40 Mk.II 1966

Save ~$74

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Just ordered mine today. The price is just to good to pass up. Of course I already have 2 Fujimi GT40 kits in the stash calling my name.


I hope a few folks got in on that excellent deal as Sprue Brothers is now out of stock on it.

For once I lucked out. My kit was shipped yesterday. Supposed to be here Saturday, but naturally we’re expecting a huge snow storm with gale force winds for a min of 24 hrs. Just my luck. :upside_down_face:

I paid $80 for mine at the only remaining brick & mortar hobby shop in my area.

And I thought it was limited cause of supply issues.

$80 was a decently good price when new since MSRP was $96 and Sprue Bro’s non sale price was $79.99.

Wonder if the trademark holder/copyright/IP owner of “GT40” went after the sellers since instead of the Meng the manufacturer? Ford lost the the IP long ago etc.

While the Meng kit is miles ahead of the old Fujimi and now being re-kited by Revell of Germany, it was in no way worth the original insane MSRP that Meng put on the kit. If Tamiya/Ebbro can mold a brand new F1 kit and keep the price in the range of $69-79, then for me that’s the gold standard. I recently bought their new 1/20 Lotus 33 for $69.

So when Sprue Brothers had it on sale for $25 I jumped on it.



I bought Meng,s F-18 super hornet and it came with a sticker on the box saying it was approved by Boeing. If they didn’t have a sticker on the GT40 maybe it is past the point that it is required.

Tamiya is tops in my book !
Ebbro is so similar…former Tamiya folks are with them !
I have a lot Ebbro kits in my closet…all Lotus F1 !
I find the Meng GT 40 a really nice kit too !

I’m also a big Lotus F1 fan as I got hooked on the brand and drivers when I 1st started to follow F1 in 1963. I was actually able to meet and talk to Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Dan Gurney, etc at the 1967 US GP at Watkins Glen. I still remember those hand shakes like it was yesterday.

Like you, I thought that Ebbro was a separate company specializing in 1960-80s F1 cars with designers that left Tamiya, but that’s not the case. Seems that they are now a division of Tamiya, but hopefully run their own show. Naturally, when the Lotus 33 was released I jumped on one from Free Time Hobbies. The box says Tamiya/Ebbro right on it. As far as I’m concerned it a win/win for both companies, and a major victory for us.


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That’s an awesome experience! Could you share details and context please?

Gotta remember that I met them on a drizzly Oct day way back some 54 years ago, being all of 20 and I’m 74 now. Back then the pits were open pre-race and most drivers were around their cars making for easy access. As I walked the pits I just went up to drivers I recognized, said hello, and introduced myself as American F1 fan. Never mentioned any dreams to drive one of these cars, or even race. I did race but just my MGB and then Enduro karts. All the drivers said hello and shook my extended hand. I did talk to Gurney for a few min about the car hoping that it would finish the race with him winning it, but as usual, the Eagle broke down way before the end which I later found out was a damaged suspension. Clark was mostly the hi and hand shake, wishing him good luck as both Lotuses were 1-2, but it was Hill on the Pole with Clark in the unusual 2nd place, while Gurney was 3rd. Clark won the race even with car issues on the last lap. Again, I had no way of knowing that at the time.

Long drive back to Long Island, but all I could think about was that race. Never got to see another F1 race, but saw many Can Ams, Trans Ams, and even some Endurance races from trips to Sebring.