Meng 1/24th Dr.1 First thoughts

Got a visit from the postie today all the way from Lucky Models.

The new Meng 1/24th Dr.1

I have to say first impressions are good. Some parts rather like the 1/32nd scale has been blown up but others are far more nicely done. the instructions are far better and offer instruction to the various options on offer.

Engine looks nicely done separate valve arrangement from the cylinder heads.

Main flying surfaces are in two parts with strengthening webs where the spars run which makes a nice touch and lightens the kit considerably.
A lot more detail added internally behind the firewall and the belly panel is separate to enable it to be shown off.

The compass is in 3 parts one being the lens.

MGs are more detailed.

One really nice touch is the leading edge bump stops are separate and 2 types are provided.

3 different windscreens.

Marking wise there are 4 choices of profiles
588/17 - Udet - (though you have to pint your own stripes)
152/17 - MvR
577/17 - Klimke
213/17 - Kempf
Downside is the instruments are still black faces & no propeller decals.
decals feel a little thick but re matt faced and the register is good

A small protective box with a pair of lovely MG preformed sleeves and the seatbelts etc in PE material is supplied for the belts, how good this will prove is yet to be seen.

Overall first impression is very good. Time will tell. An opening for more markings and extras of course. Instrument decals, better belts and markings to say the least.




Can we see some pics please? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very interesting. Did not know this was even in the works. :slight_smile: Iā€™m really behind the power curve. :confused: